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Why should I choose Turbo Air products?

Turbo Air Refrigeration is a prominent manufacturer of quality commercial restaurant equipment. Their product line includes:

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Turbo Air is a manufacturer that constantly strives to produce products of the highest quality, and they do so in a way that is environmentally friendly. All products pass rigorous five-point inspections to meet Turbo Air's high quality standards.

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One of the most respected names in the commercial refrigeration industry, Turbo Air manufactures products that are aesthetically pleasing and incorporate the latest technology. The design standards truly set them apart in the industry. Their warranty program makes them a preferred brand of Bay Supply.

High quality construction made of stainless steel components makes these products both rust-resistant and easy to clean.

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Turbo Air product features

Turbo Air refrigeration products provide uniform temperature throughout the unit to allow for better preservation of food. The highly efficient evaporator provides powerful fast-cooling air circulation.

Kitchen staff will appreciate the ergonomically designed doors with easy grip handles, rounded edges, and magnetic door gaskets that are removeable to all for easy cleaning or replacement.

Self-diagnostic systems utilize both visual and audible alerts to notify staff of service issues before they get out of hand. This system will help you ensure food safety, as well as protect the unit's working components.

You'll find easy to operate temperature controls, and a manual defrost fuction, as well as a comprehensive diagnostic system that works to assist service technicians should your unit ever require repair.

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